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Support Ministries

Steward Board - Bro. Samuel Horace, Vice-Chair
This Pastoral appointed board serves to support and care for the Pastor and first family. They support and implement the vision through oversight of the spiritual needs of the church, as well as the care, nurture and growth of the congregation.


Stewardess Board - Sis. Marilyn Pounsel
This appointed board assists the Steward Board in their duties as it relates to baptism and communion. They provide care for the elements of both sacraments

Strategic Planning for Ministry & Programming  - Sis. Erika Rice &

Sis. Collette Fisher-Fullard
This committee of leaders of ministries and boards strategically plans and organizes the programming for the church to undergird the vision. Compiling the annual calendar.


Trustee Board - Bro. Anthony Webb, Vice-Chair
This elected board is responsible for managing all temporal concerns of the church through manager, procurement, upkeep and improvement.

This ministry oversees the safety and protection of the church property, grounds and partners.

Parking Lot
This ministry provides upkeep of the parking lot and flow and direction of traffic patterns and parking during services and other gatherings.

Transportation - Sis. Antoinette McMullen
This ministry organizes and oversees the transportation to and from Sunday services. Recruiting and training drivers. CDL and clean driving records are required.

Bro. Samuel Horace,

Vice-Chair of

Steward Board

Sis. Erika Rice

Sis. Collette


Bro. Anthony Webb,

Vice-Chair of

Trustee Board

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