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Our vision

Our Beliefs


Creating a space and place for all people to experience the love of God.


Our desire is that Real Power would be:

  • A place where every person is ministered to in a holistic manner that meets their needs; spirit, soul & body.

  • A place of refuge, enlightenment and empowerment to the community in which we serve.

  • A place where the ideals for global change and transformation are birthed and actualized.



Restoring Hope

Empowering People

Advancing the Kingdom

Leaving a Legacy

-adopted from Bishop James L. Davis


At Real Power, we take spiritual growth seriously. We are guided by our core values which are fulfilled through strategic ministry focuses.


Incarnational Growth

  • Prayer

  • Praise & Worship

  • Study of God’s Word

  • Commitment & Stability

  • Small Lifestyle Groups


Institutional Growth

  • Leadership Training & Enrichment

  • Assessment & Accountability

  • Stewardship (Education & Campaigns)

  • Cutting Edge Technology (High-Tech & High-Touch)


Invitational Growth

  • Discipleship

  • Community Connection & Collaboration

  • Mission/Outreach

  • Global Awareness & Presence

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