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the Sisterhood of real power

Rev. Sandra Williams,


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Welcome to the Sisterhood!


Where women and girls can believe, belong and become. A sacred and safe place where women can believe that they are loved, powerful and enough. A place where you belong because your presence and voice matters. A place where there is room for us all to become the unique masterpiece God created us to be---from the inside out! 


The Sisterhood provides a five-point holistic program to engage women and girls to evolve in every area of their lives. Our gatherings will reflect one of the following

1. Spiritual Formation

2. Service and Sistership

3. Health and Wellbeing

4. Personal and Leadership Development

5. Wealth and Financial Education 

The Sisterhood 2023: The Confident Woman
I Peter 5:10 (TPT)



The Sisterhood Virtual Gathering: "Loving Yourself Forward"

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